we’re supposed to take care of each other

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reblog if you’ve bought a gaming console only because you wanted to play a particluar game that is only playable on that  console


His pointer finger circled my puckered love cave. “Are you ready for this?” he mewled, smirking at me like a mother hamster about to eat her three-legged young.

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Next time you feel bad about your work, remember this shit got published

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If I stumbled across this on fanfiction site I would nope the fuck right out of there no matter how desperate I was for a fic and yet this shit made it past an editor and people paid their hard earned money for it. I try not to insult anybody’s choice of reading material but I draw the line at 50 shades of grey.

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You are Drift Compatible.

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she knows—should know. i’m an avenger first.

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we are becoming more powerful than ever. they cannot stop us.



sebastian stan + chris evans surprised by their own mildly gay responses

I like how Seb is questioning his choice mid-sentence and then looks disgusted with himself and Chris is just like HELL YEAH I’D GO GAY FOR HEMSWORTH idc.

you can just see sebastian thinking though like ‘why did i say that whywhywhy they’re never going to let this go’

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Anonymous asked: Has anyone asked you yet for a list of Stiles' biggest secret kinks and if so can you link me? If not what are they? o3o


Top 6 Kinks Stiles Stilinski is always slightly panicked people will find out he has (except let’s be real, he’d tell you about them even if you didn’t ask)

1: He likes being the little spoon. Really likes it.

2: He can come just from playing with his nipples. Every shirt he wears kind of…it doesn’t hurt, but he’s aware of every brush, every time he fabric presses and pulls against them. Once, when it was cold and he was only wearing a thin tee, his nipples went so tight he couldn’t think with how it felt, how every time he moved they ached, with a pain so good he was at half chub before he had even registered he was into it. He stumbled into the nearest empty classroom, sagged back against the door, pressed his fingers to his nipples, trying to coax them down. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from sobbing from how it felt, closing his eyes as he soothed them, all three fingers pressed to the furl of them. He ended up jerking off, right there in the empty classroom, coming with a high whine, head knocking back onto the frosted glass of the classroom door as he pressed and twisted his nipples until it was almost too good, too painful.

He wears layers now.

3: Arguing. He’ll sometimes just disagree with someone for the sake of it. Sometimes it isn’t sexual at all, just a way to get the blood pumping, for the feel of that anger, the answering rush of someone else getting mad, riling them up. He’s expressed opinions that he completely and utterly disagrees with, expressed them so emphatically he almost believes them himself. That anger, that adrenaline stays with him for the whole day, until he’s there in his room with the lights off, rutting down onto his pillow, hatefucking it as the argument plays through his head, bright and sharp behind his eyes. There are days when his skin is too tight, when the world is a little too sharp. Those days, he picks fights.

4: Authority figures. Because he’s contrary, and doesn’t listen to anyone, and there isn’t a single rule that can’t be argued around, but sometimes? Sometimes all he wants is to be told no. It makes something deep inside him go quiet and settle down, makes him all meek and contented, if only for a little while. A hand gripping the back of his neck, a clear boundary, something quiet and steady for him to anchor himself to.

5: Butts. Everything about butts. And that weird place just behind his balls. And every part of him that he touches when he has the time to properly get into it, hands all slick with lube, door locked as he writhes, butt naked on the sheets, the air cool on his skin. He likes to treat himself, to see how fast he can make himself come, likes to force himself to come over and over, until it hurts somewhere behind his ribs, until his wrist aches and his dick can only twitch pathetically. He likes to bring himself to the edge of coming, likes to fuck three, four fingers into himself, hand cramping as he tests and teases himself. He pretty sure at some point he’s going to get a jerking it related injury. (It’s worth it.)

6: He’d maybe—he’s still a little unsure, but he’s done a lot of research (watched a lot of weird porn)—like someone to pee on him.  He’ll keep researching.